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ARTICLES: A Strange 12 Days of Christmas,   Enoch’s Riddles,  Ancient Central American Riddles,  The Great Seal Numbers Riddles,  The Fatima Countdown,  D.C. and July of 1952,  The Andreasson Saga,  The SVT and July-11-1991,  The BlackOut of 1965

ParaAstronomy is the name of a field of study that relates to astronomical information and symbolism contained within paranormal or supernatural events and writings. Since PA does not study physical reality, it is not science. However, the method of study is technical-mathematical; though mostly simple arithmetic. Two examples of such happenings are the 1917 Fatima Apparitions, and unidentified lights appearing over the restricted Washington D.C. airspace   during July of 1952.  Decoding information projected by such events provides clues to possible meanings.

There will be information that represents patterns. It will often seem like  the patterns are not explained. The supernatural event or writing presents the patterns without explanation. A 13-17 pattern will seem to appear without end. Possible explanations will be provided from time to time; this makes it necessary to study the material in the proper order. These will be possible explanations because the patterns are not fully understood. Neither does it seem wise to promote doctrine about probable riddles.

Here is a very good example of the sort of “coincidences” that are presented on this site. The words in the Great Seal are converted to numbers and used to calculate Great Seal Day (the number of letters in each word are used: for example E Pluribus Unum = 184, one, eight, and 4 letters).  Great Seal Day was 548 x 184 x 67/10 = the 675575th day since the symbolic birth of Jesus. The events over Washington D.C. began on July 19th 1952, which was the exact day of the 176th anniversary of the finalization (as unanimous) of the Declaration of Independence, though dated July 4th (the 176th anniversary celebration of 1776  <- notice the symbol-logic, 1776, 176).  The finale seems to have been 10 days later (July 29th), which was the 176th Venus Year anniversary  of  Great Seal Day. Then the coincidences continue along the lines of Jesus, Venus, and 1782;  originally the Great Seal was named “the Seal of 1782”.  1776 was the 1782nd year since  the symbolic birth of Jesus, and this is only the beginning of Jesus related coincidences. The conclusion is that these are perhaps not coincidences (no way to say for sure);  rather, the events were perhaps staged by the intelligences behind the Urantia Book (which correlates the symbolism of the U.S.A.).  The implications relate to the Urantia Book as being probable modern day Enochian writings. This has been very interesting to me because I recognised the Great Seal as probable Enochian symbolism (Enoch-Jesus symbolism) about 15 years before making the discovery just presented. I take this as a possible verification of my intuition.

Furthermore,  a  little known fact is that the small variations of the motion of the Moon go though a 1782 year cycle caused by solar system gravitational influences.  Relative to Jesus’ symbolic  day of birth, the  U.S.A. came into being during the end of a 1782 year Moon cycle. The official signing of the Declaration was during the first week of August 1776 (though dated July 4th). However,  travel limitations caused many to sign later in August. If the final signature came on August 21st (the actual date is likely unknown),  then we would have exactly 1782 years.

Though very strange, symbolic happenings often generate correlating numerical factors within the date encoding; Great Seal of 1782 Day was April 18th 1844:     4 x 18 x 18 x 44 = 1782 x 32.    Why Moon symbolism? A good question that probably relates to why, in the Book of Revelation chapter 12, a woman gives birth to a son with the Moon at her feet? Why astronomical symbols that seem to relate to spiritual principles?

  The content of this blog site is very technical. In order to be able to absorb the content it is absolutely necessary to first study and absorb the articles titled “A Strange 12 Days of Christmas” (read 1st ….  “Christmas”), and”Enoch’s Riddles”. In the menu, the articles are listed in short form; such as “Christmas”. In fact, a careful study of “Christmas” will provide a good summary of  both the ParaAstronomy and the probable hidden meanings (much of it has been placed in the attached Notes, in order to prevent cluttering the main text. Be sure to study the notes). Printing the material will make it about three times easier to follow and analyze;  the computer screen is a tunnel vision hindrance.  Press the Right Mouse Button and you will find a menu that includes “Print”.  Of course,  printed copies are only for your personal use,  not for distribution.

The material presented is mind twisting; that is, difficult to follow. It will require study, making diagrams, calculating, and backing up for analysis until understood. Calculating helps the mind understand and remember. Though mostly simple arithmetic, only scientific calculators, or the GoogleCalculator, can deal with very small and very large numbers (by way of powers of ten). This will require knowing how to use perhaps seven to eleven scientific calculator functions [easy to learn … χ² , χ³ , √χ , ³√χ , 1/χ , Sin(Φ), ArcSin(Φ), DRG, EE, etc.]. Scientific calculators are  presently available for about the same cost as ordinary calculators (I findthem for as little as a dollar, though I’ve found very good calculators for about $7. Though the dollar calculators work just fine; I’ve been using a very comfortable button press, reliable $7 calculator continuously for 10 years).

The Google Calculator is an online scientific calculator. Experiment andyou should find it easy to learn. The notation is like an ordinary calculator in that, for example, the number 10e3, or 1000,  is entered as 1e3, rather than 10e3. 1e3 denotes 1 x 10³, whereas the 10e3 notation used on this site denotes 10³. On an ordinary scientific calculator, the Google notation 1e3 (or 10e2) would be entered as 1EE3, 10EE2, or 1Exp3. On this site, 3000 or 3 x 10e3 is entered on Googleas 3e3. Or as 3EE3, or 3Exp3 on a handheld calculator. With Google, enter the formula or expression in the search box and hit the Enter <– Key. Also realize that Google calculates angles in Radians, rather than Degrees. For example sin(30°) is entered as sin(30PI/180), or sin(30*PI/180).  Again, by trial and error, the Google Calculator should be easy to learn. It should be easiest to use if the article is printed out onto paper. Otherwise it is necessary to go back a page after the result appears on the screen.

Notation: The web editor I am using only has the superscript numbers one two and three: ¹ ² ³ , as well as ¼, ½, and ¾. This is very limiting so when I need other powers of ten, I will use other notation such as:

1 and 6 zeros –> 1,000,000 =  1 Million = 10^6 = 10e6

or,  1000 Billion = 10¹² = 10^12 = 10e12.

Or I might use K = (kilo) =1,000,  M = Million,  G (giga) = Billion = 10e9.  For examples:  213K = 213,000 = 213e3 = 21.3e4, = 2.13e5, or a Trillion = 10e12 = 1000G, etc..  Most of the time I will use for example 10³ or 10e3, which is 1,000.

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