DC 1952

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D.C. and July of 1952

  1. A Strange 12 Days of Christmas
  2. Enoch’s Riddles


July of 1952 brought reports of mysterious lights all over the U.S.A., with a few scattered reports in the Washington D.C. area from about the 12th of July to the 18th. Then 1420 minutes into July 19th 1952, 20 minutes before midnight, 7 or 8 lights appeared above the Capitol’s restricted airspace. Of course, this brought military aircraft into the area as soon as possible. The lights were visually sighted and tracked by Radar. The apparent finale on the 29th, 10 days later, involved about 6 hours of Radar tracking, but few visual sightings. July 19th was the exact night of the 176 year anniversary of the finalization of the Declaration of Independence. Though dated July 4th 1776, New York finally joined in and turned a 12 of 13 State affair into unanimous on July 19th 1776. The Declaration was rewritten.

It is important to realize, from the point of view of the symbolism of the U.S.A., that the 10th day of events, and probable finale, was yet another 176 year anniversary; the 176th Venus Year anniversary of Great Seal Day. Recall, from a prerequisite article, that Great Seal Day calculates from Great Seal symbols:

E Pluribus Unum x Novus Ordo Seclorum x Annuit Coeptis /10

= 184 x 548 x 6.7 = the 675575th day Jesusonian.

There is much to say about this event, but this article, for the sake of brevity and prevention of boredom, will present perhaps less than half of what has been discovered. Nevertheless, this will be technical and somewhat lengthy.

The reports of the time at the first sightings were very consistent. Apparently the Radar installations and control towers were using very accurate clocks because the reports were consistently  11:40 P.M., which was 20 minutes before midnight or 1420 minutes into the day. This time correlates to a future event; the 2000 year Jesus celebration of 1994, which was 34566.5 – 19193.5 = 15373 days later. Record the overnight Century Day Numbers 19193.5, and 34566.5, in your brain:

364 x 294 x 19193.5 x 34566.5 x 20 / 10¹² = 1420.

The future event in 1994 was a 364 encoded event that celebrated the 2000th anniversary of the symbolic birth of Jesus (according to the UB’s probable symbolic chronology). It was appropriate to encode symbols that relate to the length of the year 2000 years ago; the year length of 2000 years ago calculation also involves the numbers 364, and 294:

364 x 294/293 = 365.2423208.

Among other things, the event century day symbol calculates from 364×260/1000 = 94.64 years into the 20th century (94.64 x 365.242 = 34566.5). A 364 day year was observed by Dead Sea Scroll mystics and probably goes back to Babylonia. Both 260 and 364 are ancient Mayan symbols, and from my point of view, 364 and 260 are the “missing numbers” in the Biblical and Mayan versions of Enoch’s Riddles. For a perfectly accurate calendar 2000 years ago, observe a 364 day year and add the 294th leap day every 293 days. Let’s write the 20, 1420 relationship in another way:

(294×364 – 293×365)20 = 1420.

We shall look at the meaning of these relationships, but first let’s look at a neat way of expressing the 25827 year cycle of the precession of the Earth’s orbit:

(294×364 – 293×365)(364×365) = 9433060 days,

or,   294x364x364x365 – 293x365x364x365

or,    Enochian²(294×364 – 293×365).

Precession is mostly due to gravitational influences from the Moon. The terms in these subtractions are all near 1420 times a power of 10:  293x365xEnochian² = 1420.8712 x 10e7, and 294x364xEnochian² = 1421.8146 x 10e7. Therefore, an event time around 1420 minutes or so, fits. And, Enochian² x Average(294×364, 293×365) = 1421.3429 x 10e7    (10e7 = 10,000,000 <– notice  the 7 zeros in 8 places).

These same numbers relate to calculating the length of the year 2000 years ago. Let’s correct the Enoch symbol 365 to the length of the year 2000 years ago by using the century day number symbols of the two events, in comparison to:

365 (294×364/293×365) = 364×294/293 = 365.2423208,

then,        N = 10¹²/(19193.5 x 34566.5),

then,   365N/(N – 1) = 365.2423208, again!

Either set of symbols calculates the same result.

Here is another way to calculate the numbers N  and  (N – 1):

N = (294×364)(20/1420),  and (N – 1) = (293×365)(20/1420).

The value for N only differs slightly from using the century day number calculation method:

N = (294×364)(20/1420) = 10¹²/(19193.50142  x  34566.50142).

Here is a way to generate a 1782 Moon symbol (the finale was on calendar day number 1782 x 400 = 712800th day relative to January 01, 0001 A.D.):

1782 -> [34566.5 x 19193.5 x 20 / (700×1420]² /10e5= 1781.99463.4.

Notice the inclusion of the number 700.  1420 minutes into the day was exactly 700 minutes past Noon. Hopefully you are catching on to the possible symbolic significance of being able to arrange the numbers 700, 1420, 20, 34566.5, and 19193.5, 364, 365, 293, and 294 into various calculations that regenerate the symbols. The time of the 1952 beginning  correlates to the same numbers that can be used to calculate a connection between two events 42 years apart, as well as the year length of 2000 years ago (which correlates to the 2000 year celebration event).

Furthermore, we can get very close to N by using a 365 symbol:

N ≈ 10e9  x 20 / (700×1420)(3.65365)² .

The exact value of N calculates from using 3.653647106. We can generate a slightly different value by using the Book of Numbers 12 Tribe Census Product:  603550 x 601730 / (700×1420) = 365366.3395.      Using this symbol in the calculations results in a year length that calculates to about 2600 years after the symbolic birth of Jesus. 365 x 2600 days brings us into the late part of the year 2592.0 (the number 25920 has been long used as the symbolic, rather than literal, representation of the precession cycle).

The 3.65365 symbol is actually a 1/4th root of 1782 = √√(1782/10) = 3.653649857. This means that many of the calculations shown above can also be expressed in terms of a number near 1782; for example:

10³ (700×1420/20)√(1782/10) = 34566.519 x 19193.518.

Notice that these numbers, and those based upon the CP, do not create numbers that calculate the year length of 2000 years ago; but they do continue to correlate the 2000 year 364-Jesus event to July 19th 1952. Likewise, they do create year lengths in the proper “ballpark”. And, here is yet another way to calculate N:

N = 1/[1 – 293×365/(294×364)] = 1507.267604.

Here is a bit of Enoch, Venus, Earth symbolism relative to the Enoch 365300 symbol and the so-called Venus-Earth Year or VES (V-E Synodic period) of 583.92 days on Earth:

364 x 293 x 20 = 36530.0 x 583.92.

Note: these numbers as 3.65300, and 58392 will be used later to calculate so-called Split Day.

Actually, 583.9145907 calculates to exactness.  Here is another calculation that relates to the central American version of Enoch’s Riddles (511, 420):

365 x 294 x 20 = 511 x 420 x 10.

Whoa!, let’s back up and go back to the beginning of the calculations:

294 x 364 x 34566.5 x 19193.5 / 10¹² = 70.999992.

What a long way around to the number 71. There are short cuts like:

365 – 294  =  364  –  293 =  71 = 1420/20 .

Well, at least this includes some persistent symbols. Actually, the number 71 connects the Declaration and the Great Seal together because the Great Seal of 1782 was approved by Congress a day more than 71 months after July 19th 1776. This correlates to the symbols presented concerning the 176 year Earth Venus relationships with 7-19-1776 and Great Seal Day.

Let’s go back to a previous calculation:

10³ (700×1420/20)√(1782/10) = 34566.519 x 19193.518.

Recall 364 x 294/293 = Jesus Year = 365.2423208; and notice that (364 – 294) = 70, and (364 – 293) = 71. Then:

10³(364 – 294)(364 – 293)√(17820) = 34566.519 x 19193.518.

The same idea can be used to generate a symbolic expression of the Moon induced precession cycle:

(364 – 294)(364 – 293)(18980)/10 = 92330600 days.

Here is a time period of 25826.8 of Enoch’s Years, and notice that I used a symbol of the Mayan Calendar Round of 18980 days expressed as:

365 x 52/10 = 36.5 x 52 = 1898.0.

See Note 7) for another 1782 correlation.

Date Encoding

In degrees of angle, the average motion of the Moon relative to the stars (sidereal) during a sidereal day is about 0.036501 x 360 = 13.14036 degrees. We can come close to this symbol by way of the Census Product:

CP x 1420 x 700 x 365 / 10e19 = 13.17632 degrees.

Actually, this is very close to the degrees of Moon motion during a 24 hour period; let’s approximately adjust this to the length of the sidereal day:

13.17632 x 365/366 = 13.14032 degrees.

Notice the similarity to the W# date encoding for July 19th 1952:

7x19x19x52 = 361 x 364 = 131404.

Bingo, we have a Moon symbol, and the CP calculation provided us with a number slightly less than 361: CP x 1420 x 700 / 10e15 = 360.9950967.

Let’s look at this from another point of view. The difference between the average days of the 1994 events and the 1952 events was 34572 – 19198 equals 15374 days.  The 1952 event seems to relate to both the 176th anniversary of the Declaration, and the 176th Venus anniversary of Great Seal Day. A correlation between 1776 and 1782. 1782 can be used as a symbol of the 1782 year cycle of the Moon. 1776 was the 1782nd year since the symbolic birth of Jesus. Great Seal Day calculates in Jesusonian terms, that is, in days since Jesus’ “birth”. Let’s go back to the 15374 day event difference:

360 x Million/(15374 x 1782) = 13.14038 degrees.

Essentially, we have generated the 131404 date encoding number.  Let’s convert this back to being close to the degrees of Moon motion during a full 24 hour time period:

13.14038 x 366/365  = 13.17638 degrees per day.

This is symbol-illogically interesting because we have used the 1782 Moon symbol to create another Moon symbol.

For those who have studied the prerequisite articles, 13-17 symbols are becoming a familiar aspect of Enochian Symbolism. The 1776 and 1952 W# date encoding conforms to this repetitive pattern:

7x19x19x52 / 7x19x17x76 = 13/17.

Then the 17/13 ratio generates a fairly accurate Venus year symbol:

(17/13)(7x19x17x76) = 224708.6,   or,

(17/13)(17/13)(7x19x19x52) = 224708.6;

as days, this number represents a bit more than 1000 Venus years. Here on Earth, these are coincidences; but our thinking does not include any hypothesis as to the close unconscious connection of our reality to the higher realities. The 13/17 symbols allude to the calculable, but probably not directly observable, 13/17 Interval of Venus-Earth (explained elsewhere). This perhaps implies a hidden connection to the physical realm.

Let’s look at the relative Year# or Y# encoding between the peak waves on July 19th and July 26th. Perhaps there was a reason for the peaks to be 7 days apart? I think maybe the second wave came at the same time of the night (700 minutes past Noon):

7x19x1952 = 384 x 676.08333 <– Enoch Ratio symbol,

7x26x1952 = 976 symbols of 364.

384 + 976 = 1360,  676 + 364 = 1040;   1040/1360 = 13/17, while 1040 is the familiar 8 Earth-13 Venus symbol: 8 x 13 x 10 = 1040.  Though perhaps merely coincidences of numbers, I take notice of as much as possible in case it should fit in later as part of a repetitive pattern. I pay close attention to repetition.

Amadon Day

Amadon Day is a companion to Great Seal Day. It was only 70 days beyond Great Seal day, and it generates similar symbols. It relates to at least two Amadon Number (143) symbols. Amadon Day is 69930 days prior to 12-13-2035:

10e7 / 143 = 69930 days.

Relative to the symbolic birth of Jesus, Amadon Day resides within a two or three month time frame where the CP conspires with the Amadon number and Jesusonian day number to generate a near 171.6 day Venus-Earth 13/17  symbol:

603550 x 601730 x 675645 / 143x10e13 = 171.592163.

This near 171.6 day value calculates to the Venus rotation as follows:

1/171.592163  –  1/583.92 =  1/243.001046.

In other words, this 13/17 Interval value correlates to a number that is essentially the nominal Venus rotation value of 243.

Amadon Day is a huge key to how Enochian symbolism relates to modern day happenings such as the 1952 Washington D.C. events. This discussion will be limited to several, but not all, Washington D.C., July 1952 correlations.

First, I will mention the date encoding for Amadon Day:

W# = 6x27x18x44 = 1782 x 72,

W# = 571 Venus Years,

W# = 528 Venus Rotations,

W# = 1099 Venus Days.

In other words, the W# is a Venus cycle with 1782 year cycle of the Moon symbolism added for good measure. Most days in 1844 generate 1782 symbols, but only one other day in 1844 generates this same W#.

The difference between the Great Seal Day W# and the Amadon Day W# relates to the probable Washington D.C. finale on July 29th 1952. The finale was on Gregorian calendar day number 1782 x 400 = 712800, while the W# number difference is 1782 x 40 = 712800. This would be insignificant except for the fact there are many other correlations between July 1952 and Amadon Day. Keep in mind that the happenings of 1776 were in the 1782nd year since the symbolic birth of Jesus.

The beginning of the 1952 events was exactly 39468 days since Amadon Day, which was exactly 230 symbols of 171.6, and exactly 276 symbols of 143, or the Amadon Number. The finale, 39478 days after Amadon Day, calculates as :

100 x VES x Enr = 58392 x Enoch’s Ratio = 39478.

In other words, 58392 Enoch Ratio’s.  Then, for example, 58392 x 0.676 gets us to the average day among the 10 days of 1952 events.

In addition, the 58392 x 0.676 = 39473 days, relates to a Venus triangle relationship relative to the Enoch or Moon symbol 36500:

39473/36500 = 243.003/227.7006 = Vrot./Vyear.

Think of this as a pointer back to the finale being the 176th Venus year anniversary of Great Seal Day, where the GSD W# date encoding times 365 (365 is a hint?) generates  Special Venus Triangle (SVT) symbolism that is extra special because it can be used to generate the CP:

[365(4x18x18x44)/10e7]  –  1 = 242.985836/224.7006.

The complete calculations to get the CP are demonstrated elsewhere on the site.

Here is the more direct correlation to the CP:

Ø = ArcSin(36500/39470.217) = 67.63037 degrees,

10e5 x 13×17 x 224.7006 x Ø/SinØ = 603550 x 601730 = CP.

This correlates to the third day among the 10 days of confusion in Washington D.C..


1) The Geometric Mean or Geometric Average of a number pair is the square root of the product of the numbers:

10e8 / √(1776×1952) = 13×17 Venus rotations of 243.02 .

243.02 is the Radio Astronomy estimate presently being published. The reciprocal of the 13×17 Venus Cycle is about 1862 = 2(511 + 420).

If I were to try to design such co-incidences into an event, I would write a computer program that perhaps spends weeks calculating possibilities while keeping track of which dates generate the most coincidences. In this way, symbolic events could be designed. In other words, let’s plan to do something on the day when there is a conjunction of the symbols. The UB states that Earth is planet number 606 among 676 planets. Perhaps the 676 planets are grouped together for some seemingly crazy symbolic reason?

2) Let’s summarize the Mayan Enoch Riddle style 676 correspondences between the 1952 and 1994 events (per average day of each happening):

0.676 x 58392 = 39472.992  <—- since Amadon Day,

0.676 x 51142.0 = 34571.992 <– century day number.

This works again relative to Enoch’s Ratio, the 1952 finale, and the important 243rd and 244th days of 1994,  which were the 10th and 11th days of the 2000 year events. We shall also use the primary (Crestone) zipcode:

0.676082 x 58392 = 39477.8 <- since Amadon Day,

0.676082 x 81131 = 54851.2 <- since Amadon Day,

0.676082 x 51142.0 = 34576.2 <— century day # .

3) Within this article there have been  instances  where a number product AxB generates a symbol, and then A/B and/or B/A also generates a relevant symbol. This is very typical of the symbolism of paranormal or supernatural presentations (kind of like cosmic theater).

4) It is not all that uncommon for paranormal events to happen on the 243rd and/or the  244th days of the year. During leap years, the 243rd day becomes the 244th day. For years I was puzzled because hidden aspects of the  Andreasson Affair investigation generated the number 244 instead of the number 243. Likewise with the most bizarre event of my life that involved a Mexican airliner along with central American symbols. However, I did know that the Andreasson Affair related to Amadon and the SVT. The most sophisticated riddle I’ve ever solved involved the SVT, the Andreasson Phoenix Bird Event, and the number 244.

What I eventually discovered has to do with Earth being planet number 606 among 676 planets (the UB):

10e8/ (606×676) = 244.107251,

10e7 / 244 = 606 x 67.629714.

Discovering how 244 relates to the 67.63 degree SVT angle helped me towards solving more sophisticated riddles. By the way, here is a way to generate a key day within the Andreasson happenings of 1977:

(606 + 676)606 / 10,000 = 77.6892 years,

(606 + 676)676 / 10,000 = 86.6632 years.

The second calculation generates the 20th century year symbol of the 243rd day of 1986, the day of the totally bizarre Mexican airliner event that I learned about on the 244th day. The year number is very close to 260/3.

In fact, Mrs. Andreasson moved to Florida on the 243rd day of 1997, and 242.9863 is the nominal or central Venus rotation symbol for the SVT:

1/242.9863 + 1/224.7006 = 1/116.743 <– corr. Venus day,

242.9863 x 116.743 = 28367 <– Andreasson moved to Florida.

Indeed, she selected the correct 243rd day and century day number to move to Florida.

5) Here is a 27676-Moon correlation:

Moon –> 36501 √(0.27676) = 19202.44 <– Finale.

6) The day with the same W# encoding as Amadon Day was 9-18-1844:

9x18x18x44 = 128304 = 6x27x18x44,

9-18-1844 was 39386 days before the 1952 finale:

10e10 /(143 x 39386) = 1775.50576 Gregorian <– July 4,5th 1776 .

7) The first and last day of the 1952 events can be connected to the overnight of 2000 year Jesus events by way of the 1782 Moon Symbol:

34566.70  –  10e10/(1782×365)  =  19192.26  <– 7-19-1952,

34566.70  – 10e10/(1782×365.243) = 19202.48 <– 7-29-1952.

Notice that : 365 x 0.1782 = 65.043. The reciprocal of the exact number 65 calculates the number of days from the 12th and probable final day of the 2000 year Jesus events, and July 19th 1952:

10e6/65 = 15384.62 days, <– 15385th day =  (34578 – 19193).

This could be interpreted as Enochian Symbolism because Enoch began walking with God in, or perhaps after, his 65th year; in other words:

365 x 0.1782 ≈ 65  <– Approx. ,  (365 – 65) = 300.



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