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A Strange 12 Days of Christmas

There is a song lyric about the 12 days of Christmas where the gifts follow a mathematical progression that can be interpreted to mean that 364 gifts are given over a 12 day period. Thereby, a gift is given for each day of the year except for Christmas day. On the American Institute of Physics website there has recently been an article that demonstrates the mathematical relationship between the number 12 and the number 364. Back in the year 2000, I wrote an article titled “A Strange SLV Birthday Party”, where two supernatural 364 encoded events 12 days apart were described. Essentially, this article will elaborate on the article written almost 9 years ago. The information was gleaned from a description on page 252 of “The Mysterious Valley”, a book written by Christopher O’Brien. Author O’Brien had no inclination as to the meaning of the events that happened while he was away on a trip. However, he wrote two descriptions that contained 364 encoding, totally by accident. In addition O’Brien seems to have had the only zipcode to PO box ratio, in the small town of Crestone, Colorado, that rounds off to the number 364:

81131 / 223 = 363.816 <– 364.

Mr. O’Brien’s accident is very typical of the bizarre nature of supernatural happenings. The  Great Seal of 1782, also known as the Great Seal of the USA, seems to be a 364 encoded symbology that contains very sophisticated encoding, quite by accident. A  small bit of this will be described later in this article. The implications of the sophisticated accidental encoding is that the Great Seal was supernaturally influenced or inspired.  By the way, the symbols on the back of the dollar bill are the 1935 version of the Seal; and  the conspiracy theories that are being circulated about the Great Seal seem to be not true. One of the first things I noticed was that the symbol with 14 balls of light, 14 segments, and 13 stars in the form of the Star of David, seems to correlate to the mystery of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. At the beginning, or Annuit Coeptis, of the Book of Matthew  (the first book of the Testament) is one of the two symbolic genealogies of Jesus; it is said to contain 42 generations. The mystery is that there are only 41 generations segregated as 14 + 14 + 13 generations; which is similar to the Great Seal.

Here is the basic arithmetic involved with correlating the numbers 12 and 364.  The sum of the whole numbers from 1 to N  is ( N + 1)N/2; for example, the sum of the numbers 1+2+3+4+5+6 = (6 + 1)6/2 = 7 x 3 = 21. This formula is handy when calculating the so-called sum of large numbers. For example, the sum of the numbers from 1 to 1782 is (1783)(1782)/2 = 1588653. To calculate the number 364 from the number 12, first calculate the sums (N+1)N/2 for each number from 1 to 12, and then add the resulting 12 sums together:

(1+1)1/2 = 1,   (2+1)2/2 = 3,  … etc. etc. …. (12+1)12/2 = 78.

The sum of the 12 calculated sums is 364.

Here is the wording of the article written back in the year 2000 (“A Strange SLV Birthday Party”, additions will be in parenthesis). During the night of 21-22 August 1994, 34566-34567 days into the century, there were paranormal events in the San Luis Valley of Colorado that were probably a 2000th anniversary celebration of the Birth of Jesus.

After an initial performance in the Alamosa, Moffat, Crestone area, 12 lights appeared above D Mountain, near the small town of Del Norte. According to a description by Christopher O’Brien in his book “Mysterious Valley”, the lights spelled out G, then O, and then a triangle. If the triangle symbolized D Mountain, then the symbols probably denoted God or God Mountain. Then one of the 12 lights came down looking like a Christmas decoration. Accordingly, this might be symbolizing Jesus and His 11 Apostles on the mountain near the end of His incarnation, as given in the Bible.

There are at least two correlations that seem to verify this interpretation of the symbols. The 20th Century brought a major religious revelation, named the Urantia Book, which contains a 777 page section about the Life of Jesus. Accordingly, Jesus was born on 21 August, 7 BC, which would make 21 August 1994, 730486 days, or exactly 2000 years after the birth of Jesus (Note: paranormal information should often not be taken literally because of its symbolic nature. I denote this as the “Symbolic Birth of Jesus” because, even though it could be the literal birth date of Jesus, I think it  likely to be part of a symbolic chronology within the Urantia Book. For example, in the chronology, Jesus was crucified on the 13012th day of His life, in the tomb on the 13013th day, and rose on the 13014th day. In this description we have 11+1 = 12 lights that were preceded by a 13th light that traveled from the Alamosa to  Crestone area. However, the 13th light changed color, from white to orange, upon turning right at the town of Moffat and proceeding on towards Crestone and Crestone Peak. So perhaps there were actually 14 lights? We have the symbolism of Jesus plus the 11-12 Apostles -> 12-13, and perhaps the number 14, just like the 364 encoded Great Seal, and the symbolic Jesus chronology of the UB ).

Often paranormal events contain symbols along with correlating coincidental factors that seem to verify the symbols presented. In his book, Chris O’Brien describes the D Mountain event, as well as a corresponding event along Route 17, in terms of 4 specific locations spelled exactly as follows: Del Norte, D Mountain, Moffat, and Crestone. The sum of the values of the characters in these names [A=1, Z=26, etc.] is 364. Then on the next page, O’Brien describes another paranormal event, along with the  specific location names: Del Norte, South Fork, and Monte Vista, which also add up to the number 364. The number 364 can be construed to be a symbol of the Birth of Jesus. Ancient Dead Sea Scroll mystics observed a 364 day religious year; 2000 years ago, the year was about 10.5 seconds longer, and observing a 364 day year then would have produced a perfectly accurate calendar. Observe a 364 day year, then add a leap day every 293 days [ a 294th day], (here is the calculation of the solar-tropical year length for about 2000 years ago: 364(294/293) =  365.2423208; the century day symbols 34566.5, and 19193.5 for the overnight beginning of the July 1952 Wash. DC events can be used to calculate the exact same number by way of generating the correction to our 365 day year. The 1994 and 1952 happenings seem to be companion events. These numbers also correlate to a short cut way of solving a Biblical Book of Numbers riddle by way of using numbers from two very prevalent central American symbolic chronologies (that many seem to interpret literally). The ancient 364 tradition apparently spanned world wide from Babylonia all the way to central America).

In the U.S.A., the most circulated mystical symbols are on the One Dollar Bill. That (1935) version of the Great Seal of the U.S.A. contains often mis-interpreted symbols which relate to Jesus and the number 364 repeatedly. One example is in counting the number of letters in the wording:

E Pluribus Unum           1-8-4,

Novus Ordo Seclorum      5-4-8,

Annuit Coeptis         6-7,

548 – 184 = 364,  845 – 481 = 364.  The numbers 548 and 184 are reversed by adding the number 297, while adding 297 to 67 acts differently:

297 + 67 = 364,

(also notice that 548 – 67 = 481 = 184 + 297).  Here is the century day number for 21-22 August 1994:

3.64 x 26 x 365.242 = 34566.5,

(notice that 365.242 x 364 x 260/1000 = 34566.5. This was astonishing to me because it seemed to be a verification of the validity of my discovery of so-called “Enochs Riddles” that require missing numbers to solve the riddle. The number 364 relates to the Biblical version of Enoch’s Riddles, while 260 relates to the central American version. Virtually all central American religious riddles involved somehow inserting the missing number 260 to solve the riddle).

Ultimately, the Great Seal contains a cryptogram about 107576 days, which according to the Urantia Book is 364 years in Heaven. Another number repeatedly encoded in the Great Seal is 117:

184 – 67 = 117,

(notice that 481 – 117 = 364).  The South Fork, Del Norte, Monte Vista event was on century day number 34578; which is 117 Heavenly years.

Having quoted the original © 2000 article, more discussion and analysis will be helpful.

As already mentioned, the calculation of the 364 event century day number alludes to both Enoch’s Riddles and other central American style riddles. I have the habit of paying close attention to paradoxes, contradictions, and innuendo.  We shall see that central American riddles can often be correlated to the Bible. Many will say this is due to coincidence;  others will point out that ancient cultures were not as isolated at people believe at the present. I suspect that there is truth in both of these ideas, but I think more in terms of Earth being a school that is administered from the spiritual realms. Former skeptics, in the field of psychology, have become more aware of this since they have leaned how to regress people back into their soul origins. As souls progress through the tribulations of life or lessons in truth and consequences, they become more universal in their attitudes. Early on, I noticed that in order to get to the meaning of symbolic events and writings, one has to cross over the lines of the various narrow doctrinal schools. I think the various pieces of the puzzles are purposely given in a way that prevents solution by people who dare not cross over any lines.

Let’s look at more of the central American aspects of the 364 event. The Maya observed a 481+ year religious cycle of 676 x 260 = 175760 days, or 301 Venus-Earth Synodic Periods (301 VES).  They spoke about a 2028 year period of four ages grouped as 676 + 364 + 312 + 676 = 2028, where the central 676 equals 364 + 312. I was amazed to discover this because I had split 676 into 364 + 312 in order to solve what I denote as the Primary Riddle of the Great Seal (107576 days = 364 Heavenly years), and the Primary Riddle of the Book of Numbers (both relate to the number 27676). The Maya were a 1000 years ahead of me.

I take the following as an indication that I am probably onto something. The event century day symbol calculates from 260 x 364/1000 = 94.6400 years into the 20th century.  Let’s factor in the number 312 as (312 + 364) = 676:

260(312 + 364) = 81120 + 94640 = 260 x 676.

Hereby, we have split the 260×676 = 175760 day religious cycle into an 81120 and 94640 symbol. The 94640 symbol is obvious (94.64 years into the 20th century), while 81120 is within the zipcode range of the towns traversed in the initial event late in the evening of the 2000 year anniversary (81101 to 81146 range). This is consistent with the totally bizarre and hard to believe fact that the zipcode encoding in the events was too massive to discuss here.

Again, this has something to do with Enochs’ Riddles. The article titled “Enoch’s Riddles” needs to be read next in order to comprehend the material on this site. Nevertheless, let’s preview a bit about Enoch’s Riddles. They involve the numbers 364, 365, and 300 in the Biblical version. Recall that Enoch walked with God for 300 of his 365 years. They were first discovered in the central American form that involves the numbers 260, 511, and 420. Here is Enoch’s Sum:

364(365 + 300) = 260(511 + 420) = 242060  <– Enoch’s Sum.

Here is Enoch’s Ratio:

(420511/511420)² = (300365/365300)² = 0.676082  <– Enoch’s Ratio.

Reciprocal Enoch’s Ratio comes up often:  1/0.676082 = 1.47911.

Recall 511420:    51142.0 x 0.676082 =  34576.186; this points to the century day number of the 11th day among 12 days. Recall how the 12 lights separated into 11 among 12 lights. 34576 was the 10th day and very important due to reasons beyond the scope of this article. Let’s not forget about the number 676:

51142.0 x 0.676 = 34572 <– Average Day of the 12 days,

or 365300 x 260 x 364 / 1 Million = 34572, again!

So we have 12 days, 12 lights; but if we include the first day, we span 13 days that are 12 days apart.

The co-incidence level now increases astronomically because we can do this again in terms of zipcodes:

81120/12 = 6760,  81131/12 = 6760.917,  81132/12 = 6761,

where 6761 is the 4 digit approximation to the Enoch Ratio symbol. Recall that 81131 is Crestone, the finale of the initial event; while 81132 is Del Norte, the location of the D Mountain 11+1 light finale in the wee hours of the next morning. Here is the zipcode that corresponds to exactly Enoch’s Ratio:

12 x 6760.82 = 81130,

which is quite close to 81131 and 81132.   34566 x √0.676 = 28420, which is the exact day of the finale of another supernatural affair that seemed to generate endless amounts of Enochian symbols.

Let’s look at only one or two aspects of how we can correlate to the 1952 Washington D.C. events that began on century day number 19193, or July 19th 1952. This was the exact 176th year anniversary of 1776 because the Declaration had to be rewritten as unanimous on July 19th 1776. Previously it had been a 12 of 13 affair (sound familiar) due to New York staying away. Let me mention that Washington DC 1952 was full of Venus-Moon symbols, just like the Book of Revelation chapter 12 (beyond the scope of this article).

Let’s use one part (of 2 parts) of Enoch’s Riddles to convert from the Mayan religious cycle to the beginning of the 1952 events:

260×676 x 260×420 = 175760 x 300×364  = 1 Million x 19193.

Now that we have found the century day number, let’s calculate the length of the year 2000 years ago in terms of the overnight century day numbers:

N = 10¹²/(34566.499974 x 19193.499974) = 1507.267783,

then,   365N/(N – 1) = 365.2423208 = 364 x 294/293.

Now we can use this as a short cut to the solution of a central American riddle.  The central Americans had a cycle of 676 + 364 + 312 + 676 = 2028 years; and they also spoke about another cycle of 4008 + 4010 + 4081 + 5026 = 17125 years. Lets use these numbers to generate the numbers we need. The sum of the Wash. DC symbols is 53759.99948, while the difference is 15373. And 2028 – 312 = 1716:

10,000 x 1716(10[5026² + 4008²] – 15373[53759.99948]/2) = CP,

where CP is equal to the Book of Numbers 12 Tribe Census Product = 603550 x 601730. The Levites constituted the 13th tribe, so here we have the 12-13 pattern once again.

I found it interesting that I could put these symbols together in a way to generate the CP, however I suspect this instance might not be meaningful. What I found to be more interesting was that the 4008-5026 numbers and the Wash. DC numbers both generated an approximation to the reciprocal of Enoch’s Sum. The numbers 34566.5 and 19193.5 did not need any adjustment to generate 365.2423208, but I had to adjust them slightly to generate a number slightly less than 21164 from the difference. Then having the number 1716 available did the trick.  Having discovered this number combination, I do wonder how I managed to find it so easily? In the central American riddle article, another way to generate the CP will be demonstrated along with good reasons why it is meaningful.

Important Must Read information has been put below in the NOTES is order to simplify the main text.


1) The 81120, 94640 symbols are interesting because they can be expressed in an exact symbol-illogical way relative to the parent numbers 312, 364, and 676:

312 x 364 x 676 x 100 = 81120 x 94640.

This implies that the 1994 events can be expressed in terms of the local zipcodes times the number of years into the 20th century of the events:

0.365300(81120 x 94640/81132) = 34566.88,

0.365300(81120 x 94640/81131) = 34567.30.

Notice that I used the Enoch symbol 365300, as 0.365300, in addition to the zipcodes at the two finale locations The result was a cross-coupling of the approximate times of the two events over the first night. This is yet another example of how so-called Enochian Symbolism is generated in supernatural events that relate to Jesus and Enoch.

Like so much of world wide symbolism, and especially the Great Seal, we have various typical symbolic ratios in these numbers:

312/364 = 6/7,  312/676 = 6/(6+7),  364/676 = 7/(6+7).

The 6/7 ratio is especially pertinent to the symbolism of these happenings because of the approximate 6/7 ratio between the zipcodes and the century year symbol:

81120/94640 = 6/7,

therefore,         (7/6)(365.2422) (81131.5)/1000 = 34571.42.

Notice that I used the average of 81131, 81132, and the result points to the 34572nd day of the 20th century, which is the average day among the 12 days.

2)Recall the 94.64 event year symbol as 946400.  In addition to their 175760 day Religious Cycle, the Maya observed a 151840 day Agricultural Cycle, which is 260 three digit VES symbols (584):

260 x 584 = 416 x 365 = 676 x 224.615+ = 8 x 18980 = 151840,

where 224.615+ is a symbolic Venus year symbol, and 18980 is the length in days of the Mayan Calendar Round (52 x 365). Here is the point:

  1. 151840 – 94640 = 57200 = 40 x 1430, <– Amadon
  2. 175760 – 94640 = 81120 = 40 x 2028. <–  4 Ages.

The UB uses the name Amadon for the hero of the Lucifer rebellion and states that Amadon had 143 followers (143 is the 3 digit reciprocal of 7). Probably the person symbolized by the Moon in Rev:12. The Moon moves about 13.14036 degrees relative to the stars during a sidereal day; here is the page number where Amadon is given special attention:

10,000/13.14036 = 761 <– Page #.

The sidereal frequency of the Moon per sidereal day is about:

13.14036/360 = 0.036501 sidereal revolutions per sidereal day.

Notice that the number 365 can also be used as a Moon symbol. The Moon moves about 360/27.32166 = 13.17636 degrees in the star field per regular 24 hour day, This is a frequency of about 0.0036601.  365 days is about 366 sidereal days.  The ancient Enochian literature used both 365 and 366 symbols in reference to Enoch. These symbols point in the direction of my opinion that Amadon and Enoch were different incarnations of the so-called Moon Man.

I already mentioned the 13-17-13 symbols within the Great Seal. Let’s isolate the Amadon Number from the Great Seal symbols by using a 13-17 symbol:

548 – 184 – 13×17 = 143,  364 – 13 x 17 = 143,  67 + 297 – 13×17 = 143.

Over the years I have used the Amadon Number with great success.  I also think the Great Seal is about Amadon (who also incarnated as Aaron):

14300 x 1776 x 14300 = CP = 603550 x 601730,  and the

UB has 2097 pages –> 2097 x 0.603550 x 0.601730 = 761.576 <– Amadon.

Amadon and his 143 followers are discussed on pages 761 and 762 of the UB. See the Fatima article, Note 4), for more information.

3)When looking for symbols I usually remember to check the date encoding. For example, July 19, 1952; here is what I denote as the W# date encoding:   7 x 19 x 19 x 52 = 361 x 364 =  131404.  Notice the 364 symbol as well as a symbol of the number of degrees of Moon motion during a sidereal day. W# means Wacky Number, because planning supernatural events on such days seems totally wacky and difficult to believe. Nevertheless, it is often a clue, and we have already seen how 1952 connects to the 364 event of 1994. All the July 1952 W#’s contain 364. Recall that July 19th 1952 was the exact 176th anniversary of the finalization of the D. of I., and therefore the 176th anniversary of 1776 (notice the symbol-illogic 176, 1776).

10 days later, the probable last day of 1952 events, was the 176th Venus year anniversary of Great Seal Day and 184 x 548 x 6.7 = 675674.4 days, or the 675675th day since the symbolic birth of Jesus. Here is the W# encoding for April 18, 1844:  4 x 18 x 18 x 44 = 32 x 1782. Most of the dates in 1844 contain 1782 in the W#. 1844 was a good year for symbolizing the 1782 year cycle of the perturbations of the motion of the Moon. Five other dates in 1844 had the identical 32 x 1782 W#. This number is extremely fortuitous because if you multiply it by the Enoch symbol 365, you have a symbol that relates to what I call the SVT or Special Venus Triangle. This is a right triangle that contains an angle in the close “ballpark” of 67.63 degrees. However 32 x 1782 x 365 is even more special because it relates to an angle just slightly above 67.63 degrees that, with sufficient accuracy, generates the CP by way of 13 x 17 Venus symbolism:

10^5 x 13 x 17 x Venus Year x Ø/SinØ = CP = 603550 x 601730.

Here is how to calculate the angle:

32 x 0.1782 x 0.365  = (Side + Hypotenuse)/Side = 2.081376,

then, Hypotenuse/Side = 1.081376,  then,  Ø = ArcSin(1/1.081376).


10^5 x 13 x 17 x 224.7006 x 67.63034535 / Sin(67.63034535) = CP.

Go to the Fatima article, Note 4), to find another way to correlate the Special Venus Triangle, or October 7th 1943 SVT,  to the CP.

4) Something should be said about yet another aspect of 13-17 symbolism. My interest in the 364 encoded 2000 year event came before I noticed anything about 364 encoding or the 2000 year implications. Rather, I got the urge to look at a map of the area and noticed that the mileages between the towns, on the first night, related to my 7-13, and 13-17 symbols that I call the 7-13 and 13-17 Intervals of Venus-Earth. And it also related to Enoch’s Riddles and a symbolic chronology of other supernatural events.

We shall restrict this discussion to the 13/17 Interval of Venus-Earth. Let’s begin by taking notice of the July 19, 1952 and July 19, 1776, W# date encoding:

7x19x19x52/7x19x17x76 = 13/17.

Let’s take this as a hint:

(7x19x17x76) 17/13 = 224708.6,      or

(7x19x19x52)(17/13)(17/13) = 224708.6.

Considering the crudeness and difficulty in generating accurate symbols from date encoding, we have a rather accurate expression of 1000 Venus years of about 224.7 Earth days per Venus year.

The so-called 13/17 Interval relates to a period of about 171.6 days, which in very approximate whole number terms is about 13/17th of a Venus year. This follows from a tradition of expressing the Venus-Earth relationship in approximate whole number terms. During 8 years on Earth there are about 13 years on Venus, and about 12 Venus rotations (12-13 again!). During this same time of about 12 Venus rotations, there are about 5 Venus-Earth synodic periods (Archeoastronomers often denote this VES of 583.92 days, or about 584 days, as the Venus year, or the Venus-Earth year).  Then 5 VES + 12 Vrot. = 17 so-called 13/17 Intervals, during about 13 Venus years. This seems to be a hidden cycle due to probably not being directly observable. Here is one way of calculating the 13/17 Interval. The exact Venus rotation is unknown, so let’s use the nominal 243 day number in order to get to an approximation:

1/243  +  1/583.92 = 1/171.5916  <– 171.6.

The Radio-Astronomy estimates usually come in around 243.01 to 243.02, so the 171.6 day number is a good estimate.

Years later I discovered a good indication of my thinking. The 171.6 day period can be expressed as degrees of VES rotation. This number is the longitude that was crossed just after the light turned orange when making the right turn above the town of Moffat (zip = 81143, notice: 81-143):

360 x 171.6/583.92 = 105.795° Longitude.

The number 171.6 seems to be very much a part of Enochian Symbolism. Here is one very good example:

10^5 x 171.6 x 13/17 x 27676 = CP = 603550 x 601730.

In July 1952 we found both Moon and Venus-Earth symbols. There is a Venus cycle of about 93 Venus Years, or 86 Venus rotations that correlates approximately to about 1000 x 13/17 Moon symbols. The symbolism generates the reciprocal of the Book of Numbers 12 tribe census product. During a 24 hour day, the Moon travels about 13.17636 degrees (average) relative to the star field:

275350 / 13.17636 = 20897.274 days,

224.7006 x 93 = 20897.156 days,

243 x 86 = 20898 days.

Essentially, during this Venus cycle, the Moon travels 275350 degrees relative to the star field:

10^17/(603550 x 601730) = 275350 <– Moon.

Let’s not forget about 13/17:

20897.274 / 27.32166 = 764.861 =  13002.637 / 17.

It takes the Moon 27.32166 days to make one circulation or revolution through the star field.

The meanings of the numbers are Mystical. In the Book of Revelation chapter 12, a Woman with a crown of 12 stars, (Venus, 12 rotations?) clothed by the Sun, gives birth to a Son with the Moon at her feet (between her legs). The Moon Man resisted the Rebellion in Heaven. The Woman fled to the desert, where she waits. At a higher level, the Spirit gave birth to the forerunner of spiritual birth on the planet. This person understood enough to resist the rebellion of spiritual entities. As a forerunner, this person likely has much to do with various religions throughout the history of the planet. The Moon Man is a reflection of higher spiritual truth, symbolized by the Sun. The program has to do with the eventual spiritual birth of people that incarnate on the planet to have the necessary experiences that are part of the program. The Woman or Mother Spirit waits until each person is ready, and thereby wearing the proper “clothing” for the “wedding” of Spirit and Man.

5) In an approximate way, the 2028 sum, as 20280, connects the 364 Jesus events to the Amadon number = 143. The final 364 encoded event was during century day number 34578:  34578 – 20280 = 14298. Again, for the 8th day among 12 days: 34574 – 20289 = 14294, where the height of Crestone Peak is 14294 feet.  Enoch’s Riddles often come with the number 24299:  24299 x 10/17 = 14293.53  <– 14294; there is also a companion 10/13 symbolic aspect that is beyond the scope of this article. Two days beyond is century day# 34580, which 1/7th of Enoch’s Sum.

Upon studying about Enoch’s Riddles you will be able to understand that about the lowest value for Literal Enoch’s Sum is 819 System Years:

7 x 34578 = 242046 = 819 Heavenly System Years.

The number 819 is going to become familiar if you decide to study the content of this site.

6) It happens that the Jesusonian Day Numbers can be used to calculate the century day number of the end of the first events. The 364 encoded events were 12 days apart,  which actually involves 13 dates:

Jesusonian Day Sum x 364 / 100,000 = 34566.88+ .

The Jesusonian Day Sum = 9496396 <– Sum of the 13 days. The final portion of the first night of events , near Del Norte =  81132, happened during the wee hours of century day number 34567.


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